Thursday, March 01, 2012

Drawing Comparisons: Pakistan and Islamic Movements by Senge Sering


Dear Feisal Naqvi

I read your commentary with interest in the Express Tribune and appreciate the boldness that you offer - something that the youth of Pakistan needs to challenge the wrong doings of the military

I would request you to write something about the slaughter of Palestinians which occurred between 1965-1967 in which Pakistani military was called to Jordan by the then King of Jordan and joint operation of Pakistani military and Jordanian army led to slaughter of more than twenty thousand Palestinians. If you ask the Palestinians, they put the total at more than forty thousand. It was genocide in its true form and today's champion of Palestinian cause, Pakistan - was in the middle of it. The army of Islam slaughtering the Muslims after taking money from the Muslim King of a Muslim country. Nothing could be more 'pure' and Pak than this. In later years, the Pakistani soldiers continued to perform their duties like mercenaries in other Muslim countries. They took money from the Islamic regime of Saudi Arabia to slaughter hundreds of Muslim pilgrims in Kaaba and in recent months, they have accepted money and jobs to kill the Muslims of Bahrain. They have taken money from the Atheist and Communist China to help eliminate Muslims in East Turkestan.

Interestingly, when Pakistanis were butchering the Palestinians, the west bank was in Jordan's occupation and Gaza was occupied by Egypt. At that time, Israel was no where near these Palestinian lands. In the years between 1967 and 2011, as Israel continues to control Palestine, thousands of Palestine Muslims have died at the hands of Israeli soldiers, but their number is far less than those Palestinians who perished at the hands of Pakistani soldiers in that one year alone.

While we condemn Israel for occupying Palestine, we fail to condemn Jordan and Egypt - both Muslim countries, which occupied Palestine after 1948. They had eighteen years for themselves and during those years, they could have offered a country to the Palestinians on a plate, but instead decided to oppress the Palestinians and loot their resources. The moment, Israel got control of Palestine in 1967, the attitude of the Arab occupying countries changed and they started singing songs of an independent Palestine.

Before we condemn Israel for its atrocities in Palestine, shouldn't we condemn the Arabs and Pakistanis for their crimes, and take them to the court of justice in Hague and charge Pakistani military for genocide. How come that the 17 carore strong nation of Pakistan is blinded on this issue and cannot see the one-sided slaughter of Palestinians at the hands of the so-called army of Islam, and continue to burn Israeli flags and raise slogans of throwing Israel in the Mediterranean?

Israel was created in the same year by the same colonial masters, which created Pakistan in 1947. So how come, one country is the 'country of Rehman and miracle of Quran' and the other one is the symbol of Satan and Imperialism?

It is ironic that the Indian Muslims who came to Sindh and occupied Karachi and unilaterally called it their homeland and marginalized the native Sindhis and took control of their resources - are called the just people of the nation of pure and God's children. Despite the fact the these immigrants had no ethnic claim to Sindh in history. The Jews who on the other hand returned to their homeland from where they were kicked out forcefully do not receive the same treatment and are rather called the occupiers.

My intention is not to belittle atrocities against Palestinians or increase strategic leverage for Israel in the Middle East. All I suggest is that every time, we condemn Israeli regime for doing something against the innocent Palestinians, we should add name of Pakistan to it as oppressor and murderer of Palestinians. The number of innocent Muslims that Pakistani military, ISI and their sponsored militants have killed is far greater than those killed by any non-Muslim regime or community in the modern history. It is shameful that today Pakistan has become the so-called spokesperson of OIC to talk about rights of the Muslim Umma, irrespective of having blood of millions of innocent Palestinians, Bangladeshis, Kashmiris, Gilgitis, Afghanis, Balochis, Sindhis, Pashtuns and Indian Muslims on her hand. No one reminds Pakistani regimes of their conduct towards those innocent Muslims, while the slogans for freedom for Kashmir and Palestine are being raised around the world.

Are we willing to let this chronic issue slip to the back of our heads; continue chanting meaningless slogans of freedom for Palestine and Kashmir; and let Pakistan lead this movement?

People like you, Mr. Naqvi, give us the hope that this farce created by Pakistan will also come to an end very soon.

Senge Sering

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