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After Bangladesh, the fall of Gilgit-Baltistan?

   * Gen Kayani, did you sell the country? Nation seeks a clear answer, no more games!
   * There would be no crises if Army, ISI and ISPR chiefs resign, Parliament believes.

The Terrorland Report

Army Chief Gen. Kayani (left) should learn a lesson from the 
last Pakistani commander in Bengal, Lt-Gen. Niazi.
THE army generals, who were ruling Pakistan after imposing martial in 1958, were intellectually bankrupt who thought killing their own people was in the best interest of the state. 

Therefore, these phony statesmen in the khaki lost the eastern part of this unfortunate country, in a war with the neighboring India, which became an independent country, Bangladesh, on this day forty years ago: December 16, 1971. About 500,000 innocent people were brutally killed in atrocities; however, the Bangladesh government puts the figure at three million.

As Pakistanis, we are so sorry for the atrocities and wish our brothers and sisters in Bangladesh a happy Independence Day. However, we want to analyze the historic event regarding the situation of today's Pakistan.

If former Indian Prime Minister Indra Gandhi is the founder of Bangladesh, then according to some intellectuals, American President Richard Nixon is the founder of this remaining Pakistan. If Mr. Nixon had not interrupted during the war, Pakistan would have become history as the Indian Iron Lady (Ms. Gandhi) was determined to teach a lesson to the womanizer Pakistani military dictator and President, Gen. Yahya Khan and his gang. 

Gilgit-Baltistan being leased to China for 50 years to face the US jointly, claims Urdu newspaper Bang-e-Sahar.

It may be due to this theory that Pakistani generals as well as politicians always seek help, guidance and aid from Washington, D.C. especially since the fall of Dhaka. Anyway, currently the traditional Pak-US relations are passing through a very difficult phase at military level. The long years of direct military rule has made Pakistan a 'parasitic' nation state in the world. Amid the long standoff with the United States of America, Pakistani military leadership has turned towards the neighboring China to stop a possible American action as a part of the ongoing Global War on Terror!  

In such a time of 'artificial' crisis, the communist China can't provide a free and warm motherly bosom for an Islamic state, which is "involved" in insurgency in its Muslim-dominated Xinjiang region. It's not China only, in the globalized world, everyone looks for their long term national interests except Pakistani generals. 

Almost a year back, The Terrorland had reported that Pakistani military leadership was considering giving a part of land to China. However, a few days ago, in the backdrop of the military establishment's foreign policy review, a regional newspaper, Bang-e-Sahar, has reported that Pakistani leaders were mulling over a plan to lease Gilgit-Baltistan to China for a period of 50 years.

It came as a shock not only for the over two million people of Gilgit-Baltistan – who had joined Pakistan 64 years ago and are seeking representation in the Parliament – but also for the over 184 million people of Pakistan. As usual, the mainstream media is silent because they only report with a green signal from the military regime's public relations office. 

Being a representative of the common people of Pakistan, The Terrorland Team has demanded through the social media that Army Chief Gen. Ashfaq Pervez Kayani should immediately come on the media and tell the truth about this breaking-news!

Here are some questions which were asked by an Admin of The Terrorland Facebook soon after spread of the news in the cyberspace:

- Gen Kayani gives Gilgit-Baltistan to China to face US, claims newspaper. 

- GILGIT: Pakistan's head goes to China - military reviewed during 'envoy' conference?

- China, after Gilgit-bribe, will help Gen Kayani & Co to enforce martial law in Pakistan?

- What are cruel generals going to do with over 184 million helpless Pakistanis :(
- In Dec 1971, Pakistan Army lost Bengal & now Gilgit-Baltistan goes to China?

- GB to China? If true, it'd be formal disintegration of Pakistan!

- Gilgit-Baltistan goes to China? Army Chief Gen Kayani should tell truth to Pakistanis!

Here are some comments from our Facebook page discussions.

NICOLETTE LADOULIS: But we / I read that Pakistan had allowed in 10.000 Chinese troops..//

THE TERRORLAND: ‎Nicolette Ladoulis, yes, may be Army Chief Gen Kayani wants to impose martial law in with the help of communist China as no democratic country in the world, like USA, can support dictatorship in the 21st century Pakistan... so Gilgit-Baltistan may be a land-bribe :)

With the help of China, the Burmese military junta is ruling for decades and the democratic bird (Aung San Suu Kyi) is in the cage even after winning the Nobel Peace Prize... but the dumb Pakistani generals forget that the junta is in dialogue with the US and Ms Clinton had visited the country recently.

As Mr. Sulemani says in this post: NO doubt, China is going to be a global phenomena. The only thing which is damaging its credibility in the world is ban on freedom of expression inside the country.

If the Chinese government releases writer and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Liu Xiaobo, and lifts ban from novelist and blogger Han Han, it can win the hearts and minds of the entire world!

Cheap goods and aid may not do that what freedom of thought and freedom of expression can do! I'm hopeful the Chinese government will realize it and evolutionary will give way to democracy! That is the only way to be a vibrant part of the global community in the 21st century.

NICOLETTE LADOULIS: burma, myanmar occupies a very strategic spot between se asia and asia. Anyway, they granted suu kyi`s party the right to exist. I can at least understand why china tries to exert influence BUT Total oil co. Extracts there and 4 workers sued the French, claiming French military forced them into slave labor @ gunpoint working for Total! The French foreign minister in 2008 (forget his name) did the report investigation determining nothing happened and the case was thrown out (non-lieu ?) but my point is that burma`s strategic and probably many are guilty of exploitation...

THE TERRORLAND: Whatever...the Chinese economic growth is nothing but an illusion as a commentator, Jeff Richards, has said: "Economic darkness everywhere. German unemployment has reached a post unification record; Indias industrial production is declining; China is showing signs of a major slowdown, only propped up by state intervention and authoritarian commands from the Bejing bureaucracy."

A very interesting situation is in a Chinese village where village land was taken by communist govrnment as a result villagers started protest and a villager died like the police killing in Hunza. BBC says "a stand-off between villagers and the authorities is continuing in southern China's Guangdong province."

Latest BBC: "China's internet censors have blocked searches relating to an ongoing protest in the village of Wukan, web users say. Users of Sina Weibo, the country's Twitter-like micro-blogging site, say searches for Wukan return no results. Instead, a message appears saying: "According to relevant law, regulations and policies, search results for Wukan cannot be displayed."

THE TERRORLAND: Who will live in such a dark country, Nicolette Ladoulis :(

NICOLETTE LADOULIS: lack of information, or lack of education & disinformation. Almost the same to me..

GILBERT SMISCHNY: China has eyes on all Asain areas, they still have desire to take over and control the world as the Great Khan once did.

Indian commander Lt-Gen. Jagjit Singh Aurora during televised
event looks on as his Pakistani counterpart Lt-Gen. A.A.K. Niazi
signs the Surrender Documents in Dhaka on December 16, 1971.
BORHAAN ARIFEE: As Kunan said "I will prefer a thousand Czars over one Karl Marx". In my opinion the wretched Islamic state of Pakistan is thousand times better than the filthy degenerate Godless Communist China. Ask the people of occupied Tibet where these goons rule. Whatever you decide to do is up to you. Say no to anything but independent Gilgit-Baltistan/Balawaristan. This is the only practical option to safeguard the culture, languages and future of the people of this region. Rise up like the Balochs! Because, this Neo-Nazi Islamic state of Pakistan understands only one language that is 'armed struggle' and respects only one word that is 'force'. Mark my words!

TARIQ BALOCH: noken waja pakistaniyani srena maproshi....hahahaha. Ghulam abn ghulam abn ghulam bale sad hef k man ghulame e ghulam .

THE TERRORLAND: The Terrorland Team believes in peaceful negotiations not militancy as our posts in this regard are known to all. Anyway, thanks for the comments, Borhaan Arifee and Tariq Baloch.

THE TERRORLAND: ‎"To talk about socialist China and Islamist Saudi Arabia, one has to be cautious in Pakistan! They're brotherly states no-one can criticize them especially in the media. However, everyone is free to accuse and abuse the democratic United States, rather the establishment encourages this engineered collective social behavior in Pakistan," writes Habib Sulemani

WAQAR RIZVI: who is this ASSHOLE Habib Sulemani?       

THE TERRORLAND: Excerpts from his writing are found on your Facebook wall, Waqar :)

THE TERRORLAND: This Admin really respects your sentiments, Mr. Waqar Rizvi. It's quite natural. Only a fool would love all writings of any writer :)

Habib Sulemani criticizes policies of state organs so that they could be improved. He has advised The Terrorland Team to encourage freedom of thought and freedom of expression, and it can be seen practically in our group blogs and other social media pages.

Mr. Sulemani writes the "bitter truth" to benefit the society at large especially in the long run. Therefore, perceptions can be different but keep this thing in mind: he has written nothing against Pakistan or any other country but is pointing out flaws in government policies.

He criticizes the military generals and the ISI; they kill Balochis who protest against social injustices, Pashtuns are being killed in the name of Taliban. innocent Shia and Ahmedi citizens are massacred in the name of religion time and again. What kind of a security agency is this ISI? The generals "sponsor" terrorist attacks inside the country to create hatred against the USA and then get "blood money." Change this criminal policy in the name of "brinkmanship" strategy!

It's time to bridge gaps with the USA, China, India and every country in the globalized world. Hatred will make us suffer more! Let's love life and respect the whole world. In this way, as a nation state, we can get peace, prosperity and global respect!

Endnote: Yesterday, Pakistani Parliament sought resignation of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chief Lt-Gen Ahmed Shuja Pasha who reportedly sought help from Arab countries for a military coup in Pakistan. A female MNA, Bushra Gohar, raised the issue in the Lower House and Opposition Leader Chaudhry Nisar agreed with the respected stateswoman known for her bravery as being the “only man” in the current Pakistani Parliament!

Earlier, Prime Minister Gilani had declared the Military-gate scam (due to fear of the ISI, the mainstream media dubs it as Memogate scam) a conspiracy against the parliament and country.

It’s an open secret that the Parliamentarians believe that there would be no crises in Pakistan if three generals – Army Chief Gen. Ashfaq Kayani, ISI chief Lt-Gen. Shuja Pasha and ISPR chief Maj-Gen. Athar Abbas – resign from their military positions. However, sources claim, the generals have created all the mess not for resignation but for further extension in their services.

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