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UNO betrayed people of Jammu and Kashmir, alleges US Think Tank on Minority Issues

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undefinedNew York, April 20: United Nations has been alleged for betrayal of the people of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) for suggesting India to repeal anti terrorism law, Armed Forces (Jammu & Kashmir) Special Power Act and asked to support the victims of Jihad, militancy and terror.

DIVERSITY-USA, a Think Tank on Minority Issues from USA has sent a letter (dated 17 April) to UNO Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in which UN’s role and ignorance of the factual situation in J&K has been strongly criticised. The letter condemns the demand of UN to repeal the Armed Forces (Jammu & Kashmir) Special Power Act.

The letter points out recent public statement by U.N Special Rapporteur Christof Heyns who has demanded that India should repeal ‘The Armed Forces Special Powers Act’ (AFSPA), from militant and terrorist infected areas in Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) State and in its other States in the North Eastern Region since such laws had no role in a democracy.

DIVERSITY-USA Chairman Dr. Jagan N Kaul has stated that UN rapporteur Heyns has ignored the existing ground realities and favored Jihadists and terrorists as against the people craving for peace and normalcy. Asking India to repeal AFSPA, which in actuality means restoring the freedom of terrorists, Islamists and militants, the UN has betrayed the peace loving people of Kashmir who have waited for more than six decades for the removal of occupation of their territory by the external aggressors that include Pakistan and China and for unification of the State.

Kaul demands that the UN should be supporting the victims of Jihad, militancy, terrorism and those who genuinely aspire for a durable peace and tranquility in the region. He further says that if the goal of the UN is to crush and defeat terrorism then despite the short sighted ideas of its keepers and the temptation of petro-dollars the world body’s present policy must be turned upside down.

The letter gives ample of examples from the history of UN betrayals in Kashmir. It states that UN betrayed Kashmiris by not recognising the accession of J&K State to the Republic of India legally and constitutionally executed by Maharaja Hari Singh, the ruler of the state, on Oct. 26, 1947. The accession enjoyed over whelming support of the people and their leader Sheikh Abdullah. 

The UN showed hesitation to remove illegal occupation of J&K territories by Pakistan and China and never acted against the aggressors for radically altering the status quo in the occupied territories. The maintenance of status quo was a binding requirement under the provisions of the Security Council Resolution passed on March 30, 1951 says Kaul in his letter to UN.

He continues alleging UN that it never demanded Pakistan, which has proved to be an epicenter of Islamic Jihad, to first demolish and destroy the terrorist training camps, Jihad factories and militant organs set up throughout the PoK and Pak frontiers for destroying peace and tranquility in J&K.

DIVERSITY-USA charges UN for betraying Kashmiries for not wiping out Pakistan led Mujahideen, Taliban, Al Qaeda, locally built Huriyat and other Islamist organizations for infiltrating in to J&K, launching Islamic crusade, ethnic cleansing, genocide, expelling more than a million ethnic minorities, becoming instrumental for killing more 100,000 Kashmiris with terrorist, Jihadi and militant attacks.

It also alleged that the UN allowed Pakistan-led Islamists from taking forcible control of all movable and immovable properties, businesses, institutions, jobs and professions belonging to ethnic minorities (Hindus) in the Indian part of Kashmir and ignored destroying and looting of hundreds of temples and places of worship belonging to non-Muslim minorities and took control of their estates.

The letter says that the UN never recognised the ousted non-Muslim minorities of Kashmir as refugees and/or internally displaced persons. It did not provide them necessary aid and relief as it had done in other places nor did it take any action towards restoring their human rights, civil, property, religious and political rights.

Countless appeals, petitions and representations have been ignored by various organs of the UN including your office and the Human Rights Commission brought no relief, claims Kaul.

More importantly, UN is now asking India to repeal AFSPA without realising its consequences in the region. AFSPA is an act to enable certain special powers to be conferred upon members of the armed forces in the disturbed areas in the State of Jammu and Kashmir.

Letter says that accepting the UN demand would mean allowing Islamists, separatists to convert the Kashmir Valley into yet another Islamabad, Kabul and Kandahar. Pak-agents and Islamic militants have welcomed and celebrated the UN announcement are already enjoying freedom to function without any restrictions as long as they remain peaceful and non-violent says Kaul in his letter.

The UN has been dealing with the Kashmir issue ever since the formation of India and Pakistan.  Notably the role of the world body relevant to this issue during the past 63 years has been disgustingly poor, irrational and hugely guided by the wishes and desires of the cold war antagonists, says DIVERSITY-USA.

It has appealed UN saying that the patriotic people of Kashmir have suffered enormous losses of lives and properties at the hands of terrorists yet the UN wants India to restore their freedom and claimed that UN does not hesitate to support terrorists, Islamists, murderers and plunderers if its manipulators ask it to do so.

The Think Tank also contended that the UN did not punish and extract a heavy price from Pakistan nor clipped its wings after it launched one after the other unprovoked wars against India in1948, 1965, 1971, and 1999 to take forcible control of Kashmir. Similarly it kept mum on the ethnic cleansing in PoK driven by Pak supported islamic militancy where the population of non-Muslims (Pandits, Sikhs, Dogras, Christians, Buddhists, Jains and others) used to be 20 to 25%. Today there is not a single member of these communities left there. In characteristic Islamist method they were killed, driven out of the country or forcibly converted to Islam. The UN betrayed Kashmiris by not taking stern action against Pakistan when in 1963 it concluded an illegal boundary agreement with China and bartered away more than 5180 square kilometers forming Kashmir territory to gain Chinese support against India.

Addressing to the plight of Hindu Kashmiri refugees, Diversity-USA has suggested one of the major steps forward in defeating terrorism in Kashmir would be to resettle the victims of Islamic Jihad back in their traditional habitat, in a territory carved out for their homeland under their own authority and away from militant Wahabi fundamentalism which has been the root cause of communal upheaval and genocide.

DIVERSITY-USA has given numerous examples and logics to for its claim of betrayal by the UN towards the people of Jammu and Kashmir. Jagan Kaul has invoked United Nations to stand by the patriotic Kashmiris who are determined to defeat and bury Wahabbism and its Jihadi arms.

On 19th January 1990, terrorism became so rampant that hundreds of thousands of Kashmiri Hindus didn't have any option but to leave their homes and become refugees in their own country.,-alleges-US-Think-Tank-on-Minority-Issues.aspx?NB=&lang=1&m1=&m2=&p1=&p2=&p3=&p4=&NewsMode=int

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