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Sectarinism in Gilgit Baltistan and Role of PPP Government

Under FCR  Pakistani imposed Political Agent was to be the head of Administration and Judiciary and all Rajas of Gilgit Baltistan were acting under his command. Appeal cannot be made against his decisions. Political activities were not known. At that time  Adv. Johar Ali from Gilgit, Fazlur Rehman Alamgir of Punyal, Adv. Sher Wali of Punyal, SSP Amir Hamza from Astore, Judge Mustafa from Gilgit, Judge Khursheed from Astore, Engineer Mohammad Ali from Astore, , Wazir Shah Faqir from Ishhqamen, Latif Hassan ex Chairman District Council Gilgit, Mohammad Issa from Minor, Adv. Mohammad Essa from Astore and Judge Altaf Hussain from Gilgit launched a campaign for the political rights and abolition of FCR. As a result, all were sent to Gilgit Jail. On this, people irrespective of their faith broke Jail and released the prisoners.

The property of   Pakistani imposed Commandant  for Gilgit Scouts Major Younus shop in Raja Bazar who was the native citizen of  Jehlum Punjab of Pakistan was set ablaze. During the Jail breaking, a Pakistani official  ordered GS to fire on the public, but it refused by saying that they have  been recruited to defend their borders not to kill their brothers. On this the Pakistani agent  took rifle from a soldier and fired on the protestors, as a result  Rajab Ali martyred. Meanwhile Subedar Ayaz of GS from Yasen snatched rifle from the Pakistani agent and thwarted more bloodshed.  Prior to this incident, Pakistani Army attacked civilian people  with their belts during a film show at Nasim Cinema hall in Gilgit in 1967. In response, the youth of Gilgit snatched belts from Pakistan (Punjabi) Army badly and Punjabi Army had a narrow escape. After this, another incident took place in 1968, fighting erupted between Pakistan Army and Local Scouts (GS or NS) during a volleyball match at the Gilgit Scouts playground (which has now turned to Pathan Market by Punjabi hungry Military Officers), local youth beat Pakistani Army along with the Scouts.

After these 3 incidents, the Pakistani occupying regime prepared a conspiracy to disband GS, NS and KS and ultimately NLI was formed, which was given under the control of Punjabi Army, so the Pakistan Army could not be manhandled by the locals again. To deal the political front, ZA Bhutto hatched Shia Sooni disputes, so the people are not united. Rajas were the main hurdle for Bhuto’s so-called administrative and Judicial reforms, so he abolished Rajgi system in 1974 on the demand of our political leaders, who were unaware of the future plan of Bhutto. By the abolition of Rajgi system Bhutto established Police and other departments to pave the way for Punjabi and Pathan bosses, because no sub-ordinate no boss. Our matriculate brothers were given posts under the Pathan Judicial and Administrative heads. The name of Gilgit Baltistan was changed in to Northern Areas and then it used as NAs of Pakistan.
The occupying regime hatched their conspiracy to rule smoothly by making sectarian differences with the follow of Pathan drug and Arms smugglers under the patronage of Pathan administration head. 

The State Subject Rule was  violated by allotting lands to the foreigners during a Pathan Commissioner Khatak tenure, it was not abolished by introducing any other law or order. In the first time Moulvi Chiragh Ud Din from Lahore was used against Shias in Gilgit after 1970s. Though the same Moulvi visited Gilgit in 1968 and delivered his speech in High School Gilgit   in the presence of all the sects and hi guided prayer  to Ismailis in Shah Karim Hostel Konodas in 1968 without any objectionable where our Pathan Islamiyat  teacher Moulvi Gulsher was also present and I was also among the namazis under the Imamat of Moulvi Chiraghud Din.
Think what happen to that Chiraghud Din, how he became anti Shia in the next year, that was ZA Bhutto regime, who instigated some  religious leaders among Shia and Sooni, who routinely used to deliver speeches against each other on the direction of Pakistani regime and later this duty to handle the religious leaders of Shia, Sooni and Ismailis were given to  intelligence agencies of Pakistan.
In my opinion, this time the leaders of both the sects have realised and trying to avoid sectarian clashes, but the game is beyond their control. The PPP govt. again activated its hatred technique, when 1: the people of Yasen had risen against wheat prices and the whole area was with them even the religious leaders of both the sects announced their support, 2. Both these religious leaders had changed their old stand and came close to unity and 3. The so-called empowerment package was exposed in Supreme Court of Pakistan. All these were against PPP government, as a result the people in Kohistan, Gilgit and Gonarfarm were killed on the occasion of ZA Bhutto’s death anniversary.
Abdul Hamid Khan
Balawaristan National Front (BNF)
Head Office: Majini Mahla, Gilgit, Balawaristan (Pakistan & China Occupied Gilgit Baltistan)
          Ph: 0032 22311750

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