Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Gilgit Baltistan : Curfew & daily-wage labourers in Gilgit Baltistan

Curfew & daily-wage labourers in Gilgit Baltistan
The natives of Gilgit-Baltistan remain deprived of their basic rights – national identity and the right to self-governance. On the other hand, gross human rights violations continue to occur in the region, and after the Kohistan and Chilas massacres, the right to free and safe travel has also been taken away from the helpless residents of the area. Instead of arresting the terrorists behind the Kohistan and Chilas killings, the government imposed curfew in Gilgit two weeks ago. Life has come to a halt in the city which is now under the military’s control. There is an acute shortage of food items and medicines. During the first ten days of curfew, there used to be a break of four hours only in which people arranged for food and water. The telecom system is also completely blocked.

Those affected most by the curfew are the daily-wage earners. As the majority of the workforce in Gilgit are daily-wage labourers, and the curfew has forced them to remain shut in their homes, most of them are living in destitution. In short, the government has converted the region into a jail. Is there no one to remedy this situation?

by Hasnain Balti Skardu, Baltistan, Published in The News Pakistan

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